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Eyecatching animated ticker tape message



Whatever it is you want to shout about, place the stack anywhere, of have it stick to the bottom like the demo below.
It will always adapt to it's placement, always filling it's entire width with content.

Add a Separator

You can choose between a bunch of built in separators, or spice it up with an emoji like the demo above.
NEW: Use Font Awesome as a custom separator.

Add a Link

You can add a link to the tape like the demo below. Link to anything you can normally link to using the pop-up links window.

Even Add HTML

You can even add your own custom HTML to the message such as span tags to customise it further.

Message Separators

Use one of the built in glyphs, or any emoji you like. NEW: Use Font Awesome.

Switching to "custom" in the separator setting will allow you to add any Apple emoji, any glyph, or a Font Awesome HTML snippet.

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User Settings

A comprehensive overview of this stacks user settings.

Ticker Text

A text input for you to provide your own ticker tape message.


A pair of colour pickers for the background and text colours, also supports opacity.

Font Size

Select from a bunch of preset font sizes.

Font Weight

Choose to make the font bold here if you like.


Choose between a bunch of built in message separators, or picking "custom" here allows you to add your own emoji or glyph.


Choose between a bunch of preset animation speeds, the speed the message scroll across the window.

Sticky Bottom

When selected the ticker tape will stick to the very bottom of the window, and always remain in view, filling the windows width.

Add a Link

Make the ticker tape functional as well as eye-catching, by adding a link to what ever you're shouting about.

Pause Animation on Hover

This control is self explanatory, but we should note that it is only available when the Add Link checkbox is selected. It seems pointless to pause the animation on hover unless the ticker has been made a clickable link.

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