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Bootstrap 5 icons.

Your one-stop native solution for Bootstrap 5 icons. Easily search through a grid of the entire icon library, grab HTML, Unicode, and decimal values, and customise SVG code with preferred size and colour. Simplify your icon integration and customisation with ease.

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NKSF Preset Banker

Komplete Kontrol and Maschine.

Organize your NKS User Presets into Curated Banks and Sub-Banks.

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Lorem in the menu Bar.

Grab as much Lorem Ipsum text as you need from this handy menu bar application, with a unique intuitive design.

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Mini Mix

Concrete batch calculator.

Provides the exact number of bags of each component required to mix the volume of concrete you require at the selected grade. No more wasting money guesstimating.

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Calculate compound angles.

No more creating jigs to prop your crown moulding up in your mitre saw. Now you can simply lay the moulding flat on the bed of your machine.

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Cubic Bezier

Animation timing curves.

Generate animation timing curves for CSS and Swift. Export your code ready transition-timing-function as an animation timing function.

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Stack Developer

The stacks dev's wingman.

Get off to a flying start building your own custom stacks for Stacks. Simple to use stack biolerplate builder.

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Push stack updates to customers.

Say goodbye to stack update headaches with Envoy the ultimate wingman for stack developers.

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The dev stack killer.

Scan you Stacks addons directly for any dev stacks and convert them back to .stack files in seconds.

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Stack Icons

Icons sets for stacks.

Create complete icon sets for stacks you develop for the Stacks plugin. Simply drop in a single image for a compliant set of stack icons.

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Simplicity by Design.

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