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  • I am so impressed by all the DooBox products. They are the best designed, simplest to use, and most gorgeous icons in the business.

    Jim Braley (contacted us via email)
  • Whenever Doobox sends me an email about a new RapidWeaver stack, I purchase without hesitation. Over the years I have gained a vast collection of Doobox stacks, and they never cease to amaze me.

    Tim Irving (contacted us via email)
  • Doobox is my first point of call when looking for a Rapidweaver solution. I know when I purchace from Doobox the product is going to be easy to use, bug free, and great value.

    MagicWizard (Mac App Store reviewer)
  • Thanks Doobox…You get the prize for the fastest support reply in 2017 and 2018! ;)

    Martin Pecher (Via Support)
  • Another excellent stack. Missed your stuff over the last couple of years. There's stacks and there's DooBox stacks ;) Cheers

    Leigh (Via Suppot)
  • Gotta say, LOVE your stacks and addons! Really easy to set up and always work really well - support brill too thanks!

    Sean Spirit (shouted out on Twitter)
  • The guys at Doobox have excelled again. Best buy for me today.

    HappyPig0 (Mac App Store reviewer)
  • I couldn't be happier with DooBox, in fact sometimes it feels like I'm cheating they're so good.

    Philip Nowlan (contacted us via email)
  • I am truly impressed! Your speed and proficiency in dealing with this support issue is truly unparalleled! You have a new fan! Feel free to quote me on this!

    Fred Potter of Digital Design (contacted us via email)
  • Doobox stacks are bomb proof !

    Sean of BeBrilliant (contacted us via email)

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