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Skyward Stack

Pulls its content up and over the content above.


You can place anything you like inside Skyward. You set the distance that you'd like the content pulled up and over the content above. Images, text, or complete sections you have built. Skyward will lift anything.

Skyward will work inside any of the default column stacks as well, something that's been illusive for stacks of this nature until it's development.

You can select the amount of lift responsively, setting different distances for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices if you wish. You also have the ability to redefine the responsive breakpoints for super fine grain control.

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Skyward Demo

What you are seeing the Skyward stack doing here is pulling the rocket image up and out of its normal position (which is inside this bordered container) .

Skyward can pull any type of stack up and over the content above its normal position.

User Settings

A comprehensive overview of this stacks user settings.

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile (Lift Distance)

Independently set the distance you'd like Skyward to pul its content upward over the content above.


By default the responsive breakpoints are set to sync with the Stacks plugins default stacks breakpoints. If you wish, you can choose custom, where you can redefine your own breakpoints for tablet and mobile devices.


On the rare occasion you find that when Skyward lifts its content, the content above my be sitting over the top of Skywards content, then you'd raise Skywards z-index appropriately.

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Skyward Stack