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Love it is a self supporting liking system that requires no database or initial setup.


Love is a self supporting liking system that requires no database or initial setup.

Simply drop a Love stack anywhere in your page, and start collecting likes. The stack requires no database or any initial setup. A visitor clicking your Love stack will increment the count up. The stack is smart enough to know if a returning visitor gave an instance of the stack a click previously. So no one may sit there clicking the stack repeatedly giving a dishonest like count.

Love communicates with it own PHP file to keep count of the likes, but doing this via Ajax ensures that the stack has no need to force you page to have a .php file extension. This is critical to maintaining already established inbound links to a page that is currently of the .html type.


You can click again to un-like, but the stack will never allow multiple clicks to register multiple likes by one individual, even on return visits to the same stack.


User Settings

A comprehensive overview of this stacks user settings.

The icon

Choose between 1 of 4 icon styles.

  • Heart.
  • Heart Outline.
  • Thumbs Up.
  • Thumbs Up Outline.

Icon colours

Set the colours of the icon normal and hover state.


Aligns the stack to the left, right, or centre of the container you placed it inside.


Increases the size of the icon and text.

Language settings

Alter the text that is displayed on the stack here.

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