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Dynamic Timestamp Display with Macro Functionality for Your Page

The Last Modified Stack is a cutting-edge stack designed to automatically display the most recent update timestamp on your page. This user-friendly and fully customisable stack is perfect for keeping your audience informed about your latest content revisions.

One standout feature of the Last Modified Stack is its macro functionality. This powerful feature allows you to place the timestamp anywhere on your page using simple macros, giving you full control over its appearance and positioning.


This is exactly how it works.

In edit mode you will see the stack has a macro. Just a string of text. Simply write that macro exactly as in appears into any text of any other stack, and it will be replaced with the date the page was last modified.

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You can if you wish write the macro in multiple places in the page, and each one will be replaced with the date the page was last modified.

User Settings

A comprehensive overview of this stacks user settings.


Choose in which format you would like the date or date and time to appear.

  • Monday 21st Jan
  • Monday 21st Jan 12:00PM
  • 21/1/2023
  • 21/1/2023 12:00PM
  • 1/21/2023
  • 1/21/2023 12:00PM

Time Separator

This is what is placed between the date and time should you have chosen a format that adds the time at the end.

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