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Image Switch

Dynamic transition between any two images.


Dynamic transition between any two different images on hover. The entire stack may be a clickable link.

Simply add a pair of images into the stack. One image is presented for a normal state, and when hovered, the second image smoothly transitions into view.

The entire stack can be made to be a clickable link to another page. Simply set the URL of the page you'd like to navigate to on click, using the simple link setter control in the stacks settings.

There is also fine grain control over the speed at which one image transition into the other on hover. You can set this by means of a simple slider control in the stacks settings.


Hover over the demo below to see Image Switch in action.

We haven't here in the demo, but you can add a link to your images if you wish.

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User Settings

A comprehensive overview of this stacks user settings.

User Controls
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Link To

When set clicking the image directs to whatever url you have provided.

Transition Speed

This is the time in milliseconds it takes to transition from one image to the other. (There are 1000 milliseconds in one second).


You may align the image left right or centre of the parent container. Note this only matters if the image width is smaller that it's parent containers width.

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