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Gradient Stack

An infinite number of background styles.


Gradient creates gradient colour backgrounds inside its self.

You can place any content inside a gradient stack, so Gradient stack is to all intents and purposes behaving exactly like a default 1 column stack in use. The header section above is created with Gradient stack, and you can see lots of other examples below.


You can see live examples of the stack in action below.

Place any content (any other stack) you like inside a gradient stack.

Linear Gradient

This content is placed inside a gradient stack.

Linear gradients can have unto 4 color stops, and be set to vertical, diagonal left. Or diagonal right. All color stops have an alpha control.

Radial Gradient

This content is placed inside a gradient stack.

Radial gradients can have unto 4 color stops, and you can control the x, and y axis of the radial centre. All color stops have an alpha control.

User Settings

A comprehensive overview of this stacks user settings.

Gradient type

The choices here are :

  • Linear
  • Radial
Linear gradients are generated in a straight line across the direction you choose in the setting below.

Radial gradients emirate from a point and radiate outward in a circular direction.


Only available for linear gradients, the choices are :

  • Diagonal top left to bottom right.
  • Diagonal top right to bottom left.
  • Horizontal.
  • Vertical.


This is a global transparency setting and reduces the opacity of the entire gradient, revealing what ever is behind.

Colour pickers

You can choose to use unto 4 colour pickers for the colours of the gradient. The start and end colour pickers are mandatory, as it always takes at least two colours to form a gradient. If you enable either or both of the mid point colour pickers you are given sliders to position the start point of the mid point colours within the overall gradient.

All of the colour pickers allow you to add transparency to the colour you are picking when the colour picker window opens you will see a transparency slider at the bottom.

Override text colours.

When selected you can choose to override the text colour of any stack you add inside Gradient stack as your content.

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Gradient Stack