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Final Word 2 Stack

You're opportunity for the final word, before you're visitor leaves.


Final word gives you the opportunity to have one last pitch to you're visitor before they leave you're website.

Your visitor can not leave your website without hearing your final word. If they attempt to hit the browser back button, or type in the address bar, or if the mouse leaves the main window at all, final word is triggered.

You can set the stack to only be shown once to each visitor, or aggressively show it every time they try and leave the website.

Put what ever you like inside the final word popup.


You can see a live example of the stack in action by attempting to leave this website.

Try moving the mouse outside of the main content window, to hit the back button for example.

Your Title Here
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You're opportunity to have the last word, before your visitor leaves.

Put any stacks you like in here, for you're final pitch.

User Settings

A comprehensive overview of this stacks user settings.


Choose to show final word only once to each visitor, or every time they try and leave you're website.

Color Settings

There are color wells to pick colours for all aspects of the final word pop-up.

Make Entire Modal a Link

Self explanatory. Makes the final word pop-up a link when the user clicks anywhere inside.

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Final Word Stack