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Boom Stack

Responsive audio player in any flavour you like.


With Boom you have total freedom to place individual audio tracks anywhere in your page, while each track remains inextricably linked to the others. Clicking play on any track will always stop play on any other track that is currently playing in the page.

Boom Player can be customised to fit perfectly within the look and feel of your design, colouring every aspect of the player bar with just 3 simple colour controls.

Boom will gracefully fallback to play your audio via native players on extinct browsers (pre IE9),


You can see live examples of the stack in action below.

Select any colour scheme you like for the player.

Preload option selected for this track.

User Settings

A comprehensive overview of this stacks user settings.

Audio file types

Here you provide links to your audio files you have either already uploaded to your server, or have existing in your Rapidweaver resources area.

It is recommended that you provide a link to each type of audio file for the widest possible browser support.
The file type options are MP3, WAV, and OGG


When selected this audio file will be preloaded at page load time. Be weary of preloading to many files at page load time as this will slow things down a little. Playing a file that has not been preloaded just causes a very brief delay anyway.


As the name suggests, when selected this audio track will start playing after the page loads with no users action.


Pretty intuitive, this makes the audio file loop over and over again once play has been pushed, until such a time that pause is pushed by the user.

Micro player

Turns the player into a simple button, as seen in the last demos above.

Stealth mode

When selected the player becomes completely invisible in both preview and the published page. This can be extremely useful if you would like to play background sound during a users visit to your page without presenting the Boom player at all.
Remember if you want to do this you must also select the autoplay option as well.


With this tiny selection of colour pickers you can completely transform the player into just the right design to fit into your own webpage design. Edit mode provides complete live feedback of these colour pickers, as you mix up your perfect player flavour.


You can set the overall scale of the player and the elements that make up the player controls with this single slider.


From zero shadow to a subtle drop shadow behind the player, just slide to taste.

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Boom Stack