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Align Stack

Realign content responsively at each different device size.


Realign content responsively at each different device size.

It often makes sense to align content such as images or text differently on different device sizes.

When your layout rearranges on smaller screens for example, you can realign text and images to the centre for a better overall appearance.

Align allows you to have fine grain control over content realignment at specified screen widths.


Everything in this demo will re-align to the centre on smaller screens, and to the left on larger screens.

Try re-sizing you're browser window to see this in action.

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User Settings

A comprehensive overview of this stacks user settings.


Choose between:

Text, Image, Or Drop Zone

In drop Zone mode, Align will attempt to re-align any other stack contents you place inside.

Re-alignment buttons

Button quick selections can be made for each device size alignment.

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Re-define Breakpoints

You decide the width that define desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

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Align Stack