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Split Stack

One fixed, & one fluid column, with super response to different screens sizes.

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Frag Stack

Shows only a limited number of thumbnail images that lead to a larger gallery.

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Teleporter Stack

Move any stacks into your theme's sidebar, or anywhere else you can type text.

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Typist Stack

Artificially intelligent self typing text stack. This eye-catching effect presents short snippets of text.

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HTML Contact

With the power of ajax no PHP page extension required with this contact form stack.

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GIF Player

Loads animated GIF images, like video, only when the user demands them.

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Explicit Stack

Give visitors fair warning of what they are about to see, before they enter.

Stacks Image 1048739

Final Word 2

Display an attention grabbing modal just before a user leaves your website. Have “the final word”.

Stacks Image 1048333

Stats Stack

No database, super simple to reply, and just enough Info to make some crucial decisions.

Stacks Image 1048410

FAQ II Stack

Presenting frequently asked questions and click to reveal answers, with subtle animations.

Stacks Image 1048608

Button Press 2

Clickable buttons are all about speed, responsiveness, and stylish subtle designs.

Stacks Image 1049443

Mailto Stack

If you have a server without PHP, you can still offer your visitor this form to generate their own email to you.

Stacks Image 1048006

Starfield Stack

A content container with a dynamically generated, controllable animated star field background.

Stacks Image 1048460

Little Mouse

Click me and I will scroll straight to my cheese, where ever you placed it.

Stacks Image 1048308

Reflow Stack

The most advanced responsive columns stack. Simple to use with it’s concise intuitive settings.

Stacks Image 1048693

Psychedelic Stack

Section backgrounds that animate through a chosen series of colours.

Stacks Image 1049465

Dealer Stack

Present random images from a remote folder of images. Super simple to setup, with no special image naming required.

Stacks Image 1048633

Jet Stack

Easily annimate any stack as it scrolls into the page view. Huge choice of preset animations.

Stacks Image 1048158

Trunk8 Stack

Force display of a restricted number of lines of text, regardless of screen size, the number of text lines remains the same.

Stacks Image 1049393

Tab2 Stack

A tabbed content stack with a twist. Switches to an accordion style on smaller screen devices, to avoid cropping tabs off screen.

Stacks Image 1047972

Obscure Email

Blind those harvesting robots, that trawl your site for email addresses.

Stacks Image 1048533

Skyward Stack

Pulls its content up and over the content above.

Stacks Image 1048385

Grid Stack

Our proprietary grid system. Concise settings, simple and fast to deploy.

Stacks Image 1048183

Love It

Simple self sustaining liking system stack. Super easy to deploy with no database required.

Stacks Image 1048083

Montage 2

A gallery of images that will always arrange it's self into a perfect rectangle.

Stacks Image 1048208

Hunter III

Hunter can filter it's content blocks by categories you define them as being.

Stacks Image 1048233

Shady Stack

Shady applies real contoured drop shadow to any image you place inside.

Stacks Image 1049368

Loupe Stack

Shows the finest detail in your images. Choose between a retina style Loupe or zoom into the entire image when hovered.

Stacks Image 1049475

True Download

This RapidWeaver stack is a smarter way to distribute file downloads.

Stacks Image 1048283

Anchor Stack

Scroll to anchor sections in this or any other Stacks page in your website.

Stacks Image 1049383

Gradient Stack

A beautiful gradient background. You have the option to set any part of the gradient to be semi transparent if you wish.

Stacks Image 1049423

Compare Stack

A simple to use image comparison slider. A perfect way to convey the differences between two images to your visitor .

Stacks Image 1048583

Max Stack

Controls the maximum width of its content based on a set of screen sizes you define.

Stacks Image 1048258

Reflect 2

Generates dramatic reflections below any image you drop inside.

Stacks Image 1049485

Swell Stack

Image light-boxing where and when you need it. Built in hover effects and pop-up animation.

Stacks Image 1049358

Boom Stack

A smart and customisable html5 audio player. Presents your audio files in any flavour you like, with this unique player.

Stacks Image 1048050

Defender Stack

Protect of your content, image, text, and video, against casual theft.

Stacks Image 1048108

Play Stack

Background video player. Play YouTube or self hosted in the background of any stack.

Stacks Image 1048558

Spin 2

Randomly displays a block of content each time the page loads, from unlimited blocks.

Stacks Image 1049352

Align Stack

Allows you to re-align text & images responsively. Thanks to a new feature of the Stacks plugin API this is more intuitive than ever before.

Stacks Image 1049403

Rate It

Simple self sustaining rating system stack. No database required.

Stacks Image 1049413

SVG Stack

Adds remote SVG / images to your page. Hover effects and more.

Stacks Image 1049259

Image Plus

Because an image doesn't always tell the whole story.
Stacks Image 1049264


Animated background hero sections that are simplicity it's self to set-up.
Stacks Image 1049284


Attention grabbing growl type notifications and mobile optimised visitor alerts. In a style that is instantly recognisable.
Stacks Image 1049299

Video Plus

Displays YouTube and Vimeo videos, as well as custom related content in an information column on the right when light-boxed.
Stacks Image 1049319


Flows your stacks content through a series of dynamic columns.
Stacks Image 1049330

Count Up

The stack will animate form zero to a number of your choice as it comes into view. Style the number just like you would style any text.

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