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Vegas add beautiful background animations behind any stacks content. That's demo one you saw above when you arrived.


Built with absolute simplicity of use firmly in mind. It could not be easier or faster to obtain this type of effect.

  • Five carefully crafted background image presets built in for you to choose from. Speeds are controllable also.
  • Set your own custom height, or choose from one of the built in presets, including full screen mode (as above).
  • Full screen mode has a scroll to see more arrow, that can be hidden or shown, with or without animation.
  • 14 different overlay presets to make your content stand out even more. Lights, Darks, and Grids.
  • Extremely intuitively designed edit mode interface and concise easy settings.

Vegas adapts to the height of the content you add at any screen size.

If you choose to make Vegas taller than your content, then Vegas will vertically align your content centre. Else Vegas will become at least the height of your content, plus any margins and padding you applied to the top and bottom of your content.

Instant download.

Version : 1.0.4

Responsive : Yes

First released : 12/6/2016

Last Updated : 30/8/2016

Stacks V 3.0 or greater.

Live demos.

Demo 1

You could not really miss the first demo of Vegas. The full page hero banner you saw at the top of this page when you arrived was the first demo.

In that demo, Vegas has been set to be the full height of the screen, what ever the screen size may be. It will however adapt to the size of your content inside, if your content is taller than the screen on any given device.

Demo 2

This is a demo of the proportional scaling option of Vegas. You have the ability to have Vegas display proportionately based on it's current width. So for example if you would like to display images of known proportion (like an iPhone image we know is 4:3) and you want to be able to see the entire image in Vegas, then select the proportion that matches your image.

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Demo 3

Demo 3 of Vegas can be found at the bottom of the page.

We selected a different animation for this one (Rock Steady Fade) for the built in animation presets. We also set this one to be a custom height of 500px. The content of this and the demo 1 at the top, is simply an image we created, It's that simple.

Stacks settings.

In this section we have provided a comprehensive list of available settings, and a full description of what each of the settings does for the stack.

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Vegas Animation
5 carefully crafted animation presets to choose from:

  • Rock Solid Fade
  • Classic Ken Burns
  • Modern Ken Burns
  • Blurry Vision
  • Swirling Breakers
Animation Speed
Simply select one of the built in preset speeds. This is then handled by the stack, depending on the animation you have chosen. Just choose a faster or slower speed if desired.
You can choose a custom height here to enter say 500px. Vegas will never be shorter than that.

Or you can choose one of the built in presets that relate to the screen:

  • Custom Height
  • Full Screen Height
  • One Half Screen Height
  • One Third Screen Height
  • Proportional (aspect ratio based on width)
Only available when Full Screen Height is chosen in the Height setting.

This is the arrow that you see at the bottom of demo 1 on arrival. If you click it, it will scroll to the content of the page.

  • Hide Arrow
  • Display Static Arrow
  • Display Animated Arrow
Here you have a selection of overlays that will appear in between the background image and any content you add inside of Vegas.
The are dark and light overlays available to make your content stand out even more.
Content Width
This is the maximum width that the content you add inside of Vegas can ever appear. It is not a fixed width, so will still think accordingly on smaller screens.
Concise colour pickers are provided to set the colours of any content you add inside of Vegas, as well as independently colour the scroll arrow should you be using it.
Darken Edit Mode UI
When you are working with white or really light content, you will want to check this option to darken the edit mode user interface (So you can see what you are working on).
Compact and Tidy
When selected, the stack will think down to a tidy 40px tall bar regardless of contents. This only affects edit mode, for those who like to stay organised, when you are done adding the content to Vegas.
Scroll Fix
You only see this option when in Fullscreen mode.
You only need adjust this if you are seeing an issue where Vegas scrolls to far, when the scroll down arrow is clicked.
This happens very rarely, and only in a couple of known themes.
If this happens to you, all you need to do is add the height of your navigation bar in pixels here. You may need to use some trial and error to get the correct value, by previewing the page.

Stacks edit mode.

We pay great attention to how we approach the editing interface of every stack, to ensure intuitive ease of use.

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Click the images to enlarge.

Vegas has a really well thought out user interface for fast deployment.

It could not be easier. just drag background slideshow images to the bottom, and put your content in the top.

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Stacks FAQ.

Important information that is pertinent to this stack. Please read, as there may well be something here that is essential to the deployment of this stack.

Browser support

This stack is supported in all modern browsers. Any exception to this rule will be listed below.





What size images should I use?

Try to use images that are no larger than the stack will ever be displayed. The stack will accommodate any size of image, but the quick fact below is very relevant to this type of stack.


Quick Fact : Adding huge images to your page will slow down your page load speed. We recommend restraint when adding very large images. Never use images larger than around 2500px. When using large images, always optimise them. We recommend JPEG Mini as a handy application for optimising (reducing the file size) of your images, thus improving your page load speed.

Known compatibility issues

There are no known compatibility issues with this stack.

Stack installation


After purchase, you will be sent an email containing a download link for the stack.
Download the zip file from the link, and unzip it to reveal the stack inside.
You should now see the stack as a logo style icon.

Normal installation.

Double click the un-zipped stack file (the one that looks like a piece of lego).
This will launch Rapidweaver if it was not already running, to automatically install the stack.
Rapidweaver handles the install process from here. Guiding you through a couple of simple clicks to complete the installation.
Re-start Rapidweaver to ensure the installation is complete.
You will now see the new stack in the Stacks plugin library.

Installation where more than one version of Rapidweaver is installed.

Sometimes if there is more than one version of Rapidweaver installed on your system, the double click method launches the wrong version of Rapidweaver to install the stack. To ensure the it is installed into the version you want to install to, you can, instead of double clicking the stack, just drag and drop it onto the appropriate Rapidweaver app icon in your dock at the bottom of your screen.

This will launch Rapidweaver if it was not already running, to automatically install the stack.
Rapidweaver handles the install process from here. Guiding you through a couple of simple clicks to complete the installation.
Re-start Rapidweaver to ensure the installation is complete.
You will now see the new stack in the Stacks plugin library.

Secure checkout.

We trust PayPal as our secure checkout provider.

Don't have a PayPal account? No worries. PayPal allows you to pay with your credit card if you do not have an account set-up.

Instant download.

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