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True Download 2 Stack

True Download 2 is a smarter way to distribute file downloads. Know what's moving!

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Instant download.
Requires: Stacks v3.5 or greater, & a server running PHP.
Version : 1.0.4
Released: 24/9/2016
Last Updated : 4/6/2016

Stack Info


True Download provides a download button linked to any downloadable file type anywhere on the web, or located in your Rapidweaver resources. When your user chooses to download your file from the button, they will never leave your page. (Normally linking to a downloadable file resource, would open the browser in a new window or tab).

The button can optionally track and display the number of times the file has been downloaded. It's smart to. If you use multiple buttons pointing at the same file for download it will automatically sync the download count on all of those buttons.

While the stack uses some PHP magic to store the download count for each of your buttons, we use Ajax to communicate with the stacks PHP file, so your page does not need to be of a .php type, and the stack will not force that change. This has the benefit of keeping all inbound links to a current html page type in tact.

It really could not be simpler to use. You simply drop a True Download stack into the page. Provide a link to the file you'd like the button to download in the settings, via the very familiar Rapidweaver built in links panel, and you have a functioning button as seen in the demos below. From there you can choose to style the button and turn off optional features like an icon or download count. (See the full list of stack settings lower down this page).


In this section, we have provided a comprehensive list of available settings, and a full description of what each of the settings does for the stack.

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Here you set 1 of 3 base styles for the button.

  • Small with the count to the right.
  • Large with the count to the right.
  • Large with the count pinned to the top right corner.


Here you simply set the colours of the buttons elements.


Align the button to the left, right, or centre of the container you placed it inside.

Show download count

Show or hide the download count on the button. When hidden, we still record the count, so if you reveal the count at a later date, you can see how many times the file was downloaded.

Show icon

This option shows or hides the icon to the left of the button text.

Icon style

Choose one of the many icon styles, hand picked, and in keeping with a download type button.

  • Download.
  • ZIP File.
  • PDF File.
  • Generic File.
  • Apple.
  • Windows.
  • Data.

Link to file

This opens Rapidweavers links panel where you provide a link to a downloadable file type that exists anywhere on the web, or inside your Rapidweaver resources folder.

See the FAQ section below if you are unsure of what file types are normally downloadable.

Language 1

This is the text that will appear on your button.

Edit Mode

We pay great attention to how we approach the editing interface of every stack, to ensure intuitive ease of use.

What you see is what you get. You are able to align the button, change colours, show hide anything, all with a few clicks in the settings.

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Important information that is pertinent to this stack. Please read, as there may well be something here that is essential to the deployment of this stack.

Browser support

This stack is supported in all modern browsers. Any exception to this rule will be listed below.






I see an error instead of the download count when clicking to download a file in the live published page.

Firstly make sure the version you are using is version 1.0.3 or greater (this is when extended error checking was added).
Possible error messages, meanings, and solutions below...

1: Download count badge reads "nofile".

Meaning : This is generated when the file you have linked to has not been found to exist at the location of the url you provided.

Solution : Check and correct the url you added for the file to be downloaded.

2: Download count badge reads "nocurl".

Meaning : The stack requires that curl is enabled on your server.

Solution : Ask your host to enable curl for you (it would be rare to find a php enabled server without curl enabled).

3: Download count badge reads "ajax".

Meaning : The stacks request to communicate with it's own php file failed.

Solution : Check with your host that you have a php enabled server.

4: Download count badge reads "error".

Meaning : There was a problem updating the count file.

Solution : Try again in a few minutes, If this error persists, contact doobox support.

How do I link to a file in my Rapidweaver resources section?

Rapidweaver resources linking can produce what's called a link with a relative path to the asset, and the stack requires what's called a link with an absolute path.

Instead of linking to the resource directly in the links panel that opens from the link setting in the stack, follow the simple steps below.

- Highlight the resource in the left hand column in Rapidweaver.
- Click the "copy url" button for the resource.
- Now use that url in the links panel that opens from the link setting in the stacks settings instead. (This is an absolute url).

What are the downloadable file types?

The short answer.

Put the files you want to download inside a ZIP file, and point the True Download button at that ZIP file.

The complete answer.

Usually when a user goes to a file URL (for example: a download link), the file will show in the browser if the browser supports it. Image files like jpg, png, gif etc. will almost always show in the browser. Archive files like zip, tar, gzip etc. will always be downloaded. Some file types show up in some browsers but not others depending of if the browser can read the file or not. For example, Internet Explorer (IE) will usually try to show Microsoft Word files (doc and docx) in the browser, while most other browsers will download it. Google Chrome has its own PDF converter and it will try to convert a PDF file and render it in the browser.

The key thing to understand is that some browsers maybe able to read a particular file type based on the addons you have installed for that browser while others may not be able to. If a browser can read the file type it will show it in the browser. If the browser cannot read a file type it will force a download to the hard disk. Usually this is not an issue since the users can save the file to there computer after it is shown in the browser.

The easiest solution is to put your file (example: a PDF file, a movie file) inside a zip file if possible (If you are using the PDF Stamper plugin then you can't do this unfortunately). Browsers cannot read zip file so it will force a download. Most computer users know to unzip the file and get the content from inside.

I'd like to reset or manipulate the download count for one of the buttons.

All the download counts for each of the buttons you added to a page, are stored in a text file on your server, relative to the page.

If you navigate on your server to the location of the html file of the page in question. At that same level you will see a folder called "whatEverYourPageIsCalled_files". Open it up and inside you will see another folder called "truedownload2Assets". Open that up and you will see a text file called "trueDownloadCounts.txt".

Inside the file, each line of text relates to each of the download buttons in the page. It will look something like this:,stacks_in_699_page70,33,stacks_in_706_page70,32

The number following the last comma on each line is the current download count for each of the buttons.

Note: This text file will not exist until at least one download has been performed on the page in question.

Known compatibility issues

There are no known compatibility issues with this stack.

Stack installation


After purchase, you will be sent an email containing a download link for the stack.
Download the zip file from the link, and unzip it to reveal the stack inside.
You should now see the stack as a logo style icon.

Normal installation.

Double click the un-zipped stack file (the one that looks like a piece of lego).
This will launch Rapidweaver if it was not already running, to automatically install the stack.
Rapidweaver handles the install process from here. Guiding you through a couple of simple clicks to complete the installation.
Re-start Rapidweaver to ensure the installation is complete.
You will now see the new stack in the Stacks plugin library.

Installation where more than one version of Rapidweaver is installed.

Sometimes if there is more than one version of Rapidweaver installed on your system, the double click method launches the wrong version of Rapidweaver to install the stack. To ensure the it is installed into the version you want to install to, you can, instead of double clicking the stack, just drag and drop it onto the appropriate Rapidweaver app icon in your dock at the bottom of your screen.

This will launch Rapidweaver if it was not already running, to automatically install the stack.
Rapidweaver handles the install process from here. Guiding you through a couple of simple clicks to complete the installation.
Re-start Rapidweaver to ensure the installation is complete.
You will now see the new stack in the Stacks plugin library.

Live Demo

Basic demo.

This is the default button style and colour just as dragged into the page. Simply link to a downloadable file anywhere on the web, or in Rapidweavers resources, and you are good to go.


These two buttons point at the same file for download.

When ever you link more than one button in the page to the same file, when the user clicks one of the buttons, the download count is simultaneously updated in each of the buttons that have been set to download the same file automatically. Vey handy if for example you have a download button at the top and bottom of the page for the same file.

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Style the Button

Colour and style the button to fit your theme.

With 4 simple colour pickers you can adjust all the colours to taste. Show or hide the icon. Display or don't display the download count. And of course the button text can read anything you like.

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